The RFU’s Core Values Task Group:

Here is what the RFU have written about the way in which rugby should be played, as well as how the RFU Core Values task group established the way in which rugby can enrich all of our lives:

<<< Consulting all parts of the game:

The task group undertook a major consultation exercise, examining oral and written evidence as well as existing research. A broad range of people – including elite and amateur players, spectators and the media – were engaged in 13 focus groups and 2,722 took part in an online survey.

 A club team with their arms around each other

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 As a result, the core values were defined as teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship and the group commented in their interim report: “The game has, through its values, a uniting force. It helps to build characters. The social aspects of the game must not be understated and these have great benefits for local communities and society in general. The game is a way of life.”

The group also concluded: “There is little doubt that maintenance and promotion of the core values will increase the attractiveness of the sport to new participants. Positive strategies will need to be developed to promote these unique values.”

Rogers said: “We have a healthy, enjoyable and inclusive sport and wanted to have a simple reminder of that for all participants. It’s good news.

“The vast majority of people we’ve spoken to are totally supportive of those values and very pleased that we’ve defined them.

“It was important that we produced a positive statement of our core values. We believe we’ve done that and I’m sure people will want to live up to them.” >>>

“The photo that the RFU have chosen to embody the core values of the game is a Bootleggers RFC squad photograph from the Stockholm International 10s in 2009. We as a Club are tremendously proud of the way in which we have been represented and we will endeavour to work hard to uphold the values of the game!” Ed Swift, President of the Bootleggers RFC.

The AGM and 2014 Launch

On the 7 December 2013 we will be having our Annual Christmas Drinks. The Mason’s Arms, W1S 1PY. We have booked the upstairs venue from 1800.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible! It is a really important occasion:

It will be the chance for me to explain to you the vision for the Club’s future
We will be distributing the official fixture list for 2014
Kukri Sports will be rolling out our new Stash for 2014
We will be launching our new online-kit-sales range
We will be launching our new website: (currently in the process of being designed by Dan Williams